The Wisdom of Stability: Rooting Faith in a Mobile Culture


“Stability may be the virtue that 21st-century Christians most ignore–and the virtue we are most called to embrace. This fine book will inspire you to look at your own life, asking ‘Where am I restless? Where might God be calling me to be rooted, to stay put?’”
—Lauren Winner, author of Mudhouse Sabbath and Girl Meets God

A work of startling authenticity, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove’s new book speaks to each of us who seek an authentic path of Christian transformation.

“Jonathan speaks out like the prophets of old, and calls us into an alternative lifestyle.”
—Tony Campolo, Professor Emeritus, Eastern University

Click here to watch a short trailer on The Wisdom of Stability. (If you’re reading the book with a group, here’s a special video for your group).

Jonathan talks with Jana Reiss at about Wisdom of Stability.

Click here to read Jonathan’s column at Newsweek’s “On Faith.”

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